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Thursday, November 24, 2011

L o v e

Wanting him is hard to get.
Loving him is hard to regret.
Losing him is hard to accept.
But with all the hurt I've felt,
Letting go is the most painful yet. .

Yes! I do admit. I Still Love him. Even though he’s always broken muh heart like a piece of Mirror. I dun care, I rily dun care, coz I juz wanted to own his ‘Heart’. . All diz while, I juz keep pretending dat im ok, actually im not. Im not ok Sayang. Why’d u do diz to me yank? Can’t u rilly see da pain im goin thru rite now? Can’t u rilly do understand all the feeling I had towards u? Why’d u do diz 2 me? Everytink dat I give & sacrifice still not enough 4 u rite? Why’d it be so HARD to have ur heart? Why’d it be so HARD to get what I had before?

Why should I knoe u sayang?  Why should I love u? Why would u dare 2 LIE? Why? The most fcking damn idiot Q : WHY I CANT LET U GO, EVEN THOUGH I KNOE I SHOULD!? I can’t find d answer yank. Every single nite, its ur face dat I’ve been dream of. Its u dat I owes tink of. Its u dat I wish to hav muh future wit. But still! I can’t find d single answer 4 dat simple fcking idiot Q! Losing u is like losing HALF of muh heart. Living wit da other half dat u left is soo crucially pain sayang. I’ve been bond by u, I’ve been attach by ur sweet words, n sweet promises. Yes! I’m an idiot. I admit dat sayang. But 4 whom dat I’d rather be stupid than ever? Its 4 U. It’s all juz 4 u. . 

In a second thought, did u ever think about my feelings? Or u juz live in a damn world of ur own? Or in d other way of saying it, u’re being selfish? Sayang. u’re old enough to see everything in every direction. U’re old enough to make ur own decision. U’re old enough to understand my heart dat owes being hurt by u. yes! Im not her 4 u to let go all ur anger. I’m not her 4 u to keep on joking every time it comes to serious matter. I’m me! N please. I’m nobody else other than me, myself. If u can’t love me the way I love u . . . please GO sayang. Dun come back, cause every time u came back to me, I can’t stop putting a HOPE 2 have u AGAIN. Sumpah! I Can’t stop LOVING u . . .  :( I’m Sorry.

 : History is not u. U’re still muh PRESENT. But if u want, I can make u muh PAST.. (IdrusAlbain)

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